Monday, October 29, 2012

Object Permanence

You might not be completely aware of this but sometime around the age of 1 or 2 you realized that objects out of your view still do actually exist.  Like if you are sitting at a table and I put a glass of water on the table you know it’s there because you can see it.  When I put a box over it, you know it’s still there, in the box, you just can’t see it anymore.

Apparently I no longer have this ability.  Each of the last two days I have been shielded from items that do still exist simply by pieces of paper.

For instance, I was looking for on of my graphic novels last night (and the day before).  I looked on the book case, on the ‘this is your stuff’ shelf, in the bed room on the shelf under the coffee table (that I have yet to drink coffee at).  I asked Amber if she had seen the book and she deftly lifted one (1) piece of paper near the printer and found it.

For instance, I was in the car and thinking about how I had gift certificates to Smitty’s (a local restaurant) on the front seat.  I thought it was quite odd that they were no longer there.  I reached over the far side of the passenger seat and discovered that the slips of paper were not there, along with the CD I won from the radio station – I did find my long lost magnet on sunglasses though!  I thought some more about where these items could have gone, did I take them out of the car?  Did I put them in the back seat?  There is a book here, it’s small though.  I wonder if these items are on the floor of the car amidst all the G2 bottles?  Pondering.

Maybe if I was to life this book?  Bingo, just because a book is there now does not mean the other things are not.

Maybe it’s because I am old.  A friend of mine has said that I am senile!  Or maybe it’s because our preschool room is filling up with newly graduated toddlers and their hilarious ridiculousness is rubbing off on me?

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