Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Your Body Deserves It

This one has been rolling around in my head for a little while now, but not really sure about how to get it out, and that challenge was in my way too.  So what does your body deserve? Therapy.  My mind could probably use it too, but I don’t have that kind of money or time.

I mentioned in one of the blog challenge posts that sometimes I just declare ‘Therapy Day’ and do nothing exercisey but maybe go to the chiropractor or to get a massage.  I think it’s an important thing and if I had the money I would got to both every week.

Some people scoff at going to the chiropractor, some have just never considered it.  You should go.  I go to Peterborough Chiropractic (right by George and McDonnell for those that live nearby) and see Dr. Jenn.  It’s fantastic.  She pokes at me a bit when I get there ‘Oh is this the spot that hurts?  How does it feel when I do this?  Yeah you have a rib out of alignment here!’  Generally it’s kind of a ‘what do you have for me *this* time?’  or ‘How have you abused your body these last two weeks?’ kind of thing.

I’m a bit rough on myself what with the running and gymming and hockeying that I do.  To lay there and get adjusted, which is actually a pretty interactive process, is awesome, I get that satisfying snapping crunching sound out of my back and neck all the time there, so great.

The other thing you should do is get a massage once in a while.  The more often the better in fact.  I go and see Sarah Reurekas (also at the Chiropractors office) (@rmtsarah on twitter).  Fantastic!  Some therapists go too light on me.  She does not.  I feel it.  I think there is a place for relaxing massages and all that, but they aren’t with me.Sarah digs in and works out knots, it’s like doing a workout really for me, it hurts when I’m on the table, but once she’s done that spot on my shoulder or back or neck it feels awesome!

If you have been working out, losing weight, building fitness, sitting at an office all day, super stressed etc… instead of rewarding/relieving yourself with something like food, or a shirt or something, go book an hour on a massage table, or visit the bone cracker…  I mean chiropractor.  Great self-gift, trust me.


  1. oh
    this is a sign
    Ive been saying for AGES I was gonna try me the bonecracker :0

  2. MizFit, Be prepared that you may have to try out a few different chiropractors. Most will give a free first assessment appointment. I have seen 8 different chiropractors over 25 years and I must say that Dr. Jenn is by far the best. Everyone has their own style for treatment so you need to try out a couple and see what works for you. Remember: you should leave feeling better, not worse - ever! What I like about Dr. Jenn's style? She treats the person as much as the spine. I feel she really gets to know her clients, she does a thorough exam each time and treats those problematic areas (I've had chiropractors that just do the same treatment everytime), she reasses you once she is done, and she treats your tight muscles as well as your bones. Did I mention she also gives you follow up advice for things to do at home? Totally awesome!

    Sarah is an amazing RMT as well! Chris didn't mention that she has won awards for Reader's Choice RMT in town. Chris mentioned he is in pain when she works on him - please remember that Chris is a different being altogether sometimes. He likes to be in pain during his massage because then he feels like it is working. I have never been in pain during my massages with Sarah. There are always a few tender spots that cause discomfort before the relief, but not the pain Chris describes. Massages are quite relaxing. Plus, Sarah is a cool chick who is fun to talk to for an hour.
    -Chris' wife

  3. Love! the chiropractor. Love me MORE the massage therapist... But yes, I also cannot afford as much of either as I would like. I spend my "therapy" days with tea, a steaming hot bath and a good book. Much cheaper :)