Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It’s Fall And I’m Going To School

I love fall.

20121001_095442 Me Playing with the new phone and the camera within

It’s cool, I can wear sweaters, and pants (opposed to shorts).  I like spending time outside in the fall because I’m not roasting in the heat of the sun.  I have gone for a run each of the last two evenings after work, mainly because I’ve had PD to go to shortly thereafter.

I actually had my second fastest time running the trail behind the house today. It’s such an easy way to squeeze in some exercise. 20-30 minutes and that’s all I need for the day, but the time I am home have burned like 400-500 calories.

Now for the going to school part.  Turns out that the principal at one of the schools that amber teaches at read the article about me and connected the dots that I was Amber’s husband.  With that realization she came to Amber and asked her if maybe I’d be interested in coming into the school and talking to their 5/6 and their 7/8 classes about fitness and races and going from being a big guy to being the guy on the front of the sports page in the local paper! 

If you had asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I’d be like a motivational speaker that comes in to public school to talk about the awesome things I do, I would have said that there was no need for me to go in and talk about how great I am at Mario Kart to school children.

How awesome is that?!


  1. I think it's great. Maybe you'll motivate a few of those kids to get out and get active.

  2. You are officially a model citizen. Time to run for mayor. Or Deputy Reeve or something.

  3. Very awesome!!:) I think that you could motivate a lot of kids. Some definitely need it more than others. My oldest is 14 & he hasn't been motivated in years.:( Though I keep trying.:)

    Autumn is my fave time of year! Totally love it.