Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Halloween Costume Explained

Friday night at work and Saturday evening at karate were Halloween parties for me, probably the only ones I will go to.  Both of these events required a costume and since they were one day after the other there was no way I was putting together different costumes for them.

The costume I chose got me asked quite a few questions and even a couple remarks about how lazy it was, but it’s totally not, and I’m going to explain that here.

So my costume was this:

me as superman12901_10151109838682401_1348241380_n

It’s not the most elaborate costume, but it doesn’t have to be, because here is the cover of action comics #1 from the reboot of DC comics.


Even Superman just wears a t-shirt with the cape tucked in and jeans.

My costume is pretty much a perfect match as far as clothes goes, and it wasn’t lazy because it took me a couple years to be as muscley as I am now.  Evidence?  Here is me as Superman when I was just thin as opposed to fit.



These were in 2010, and it could be argued that it is a more traditional Superman costume, but I don’t fill it out very well.  It could be worse for sure, but I like the ‘Superman’ from this year’s Halloween better.

Now on to the questions.  Really the only question besides “How come you just have a t-shirt on?” was “How come you are not Batman?”  The answer to that actually is very simple, I don’t have a good cowl.  And most store bought cowls look like crap or they are just masks.


If I had a good cowl I would definitely put in the effort to completing the costume.  I also had the plan on making a face mask for robin with liquid latex.  For months I have had a video on youtube bookmarked on how to do it but I jut never actually got around to it, mainly because I need a cast of my face first. (If anyone wants to give/make me an awesome Batman cowl get in touch we’ll work something out!)

The reason I gave Friday and yesterday though was that if I had been in a Batman costume, then I wouldn’t really have been in costume at all.  Because I am Batman, or at least a few of the kids at day care think so at least.

I did think about going as myself from a few years ago, but at daycare only Carley would have got the joke, and there would have only been a few folks at the karate party as well, and then I really would have heard it about effort as that would have just been a old sweater and a pillow.

What are you being for Halloween?  Or even better yet, if you actually had the means to make any costume possible what would you be?

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  1. I love my name was mentioned in this lol.. I would love to be the master of disguise, because I could keep changing it up :)