Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time To Change It Up

So I was at the gym today and came across Jodi mid workout. And it occurred to me that I have been doing my current workout for ages and changed it up on my own the last few times.  It also occurred to me that my weight is going up a bit and I’d like to have another base for my body fat percentage and measurements and stuff.

See Amber bought a scale a few weeks ago and we tried it out and it turned out to be a total piece of crap, my measurements were way off from the last time I did stuff with Jodi, and it wouldn’t even do some of the things for Amber.  I mentioned that to Jodi and she was like ‘Yeah our scale costs $1200’.

So there in lies the difference. $1150 more on the scale for home and it would be comparing apples to apples.  I’m BIG on that type of thing if you haven’t noticed.  So we may pick up another scale, we may not, if we do so it would be good to get it around the same time as an assessment so we can see if the numbers are anywhere near matching.

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  1. Hi Chris! Oh, I love throwing something new into my gym workout. It usually involves something upside down, hanging, and or swinging. Hanging leg lifts have been fun for me lately. I alternate them with parallel leg lifts (after my hand grip from the hanging leg lifts gives out). It is just so much more fun being the crazy one at the gym. There is a reason why I am called a fitness freak. You probably understand well. :D

    :-) Marion