Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally, Pictures From Run For Your Lives

We got back from our trip to Ottawa – more on that later –and Amber discovered my CD from Capstone Photography in the mail. Finally their package from the mid-nineties had arrived and my CD full of digital photos had come in the mail!

Some of the shots are really good, and Amber’s first question was “Was it worth $50”  The only response that I could have was that a single digital photo was $15, and there were no packages like the company that did the warrior dash photos.  So since there was more than three good photos, yes, it was worth the money, if only the wait had not been so ridiculous!

So, lets get to the pictures.


The Starting gate




Leaving the starting gate

2012-09-22 09

I think this is probably the best picture,
leaping over the timer line wires

barbed wire

Coming out from under the barbed wire


Dodging zombies.

2012-09-22 09.24.00-1a

Protecting my flags against the zombie horde.

2012-09-22 09.24.00-2a

It was a bit hard to fight the instinct to start punching.

2012-09-22 09.24.00-3a

I broke free, the bride looks disappointed.

Those I think are some of the best ones. If you want to see all the photos, head over to the facebook page and check out the album!


  1. That looks like fun! If I have to run, I'd want it to be for a reason, like avoiding zombies!

  2. Awesome! My first time finding your fb page, too!