Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So many people seem so jazzed about camping. I do not get it. I have camped many times, mostly as a kid while canoeing with my dad. When people ask me now if I want to go camping I inform then that I have put in my camping time and decline.

Now, to be fair, as a kid I enjoyed camping. I liked cooking things over a fire, I liked starting the camp fires and I could sleep during the trips. Then I became a teenager and I began to hate camping.

Part of it was that the summer after grade 9 I went on a trip to northern Quebec with my dad and his friends to canoe and it was the hottest week of camping ever, and the blackflies were at a point where you didn't feel you needed bug spray but by the end of the day you had bites to scratch. I enjoyed the canoeing, but hated the sleeping in a tent because the heat and the bugs had made me crazy.

Later I would be in Outdoor Ed. in grade 11. Parts of the trips we took during that class are nothing short of epic, other parts were awful, some had to do with the jerks in the class, others with an annoying whippoorwill that did not have enough sense to be quiet at 4am.

Now I like pretty much everything about camping except for two things. Most people like to camp in the summer when it is boiling hot, A/C was invented for a reason. And the other thing is that most people want to camp on a campground, where its noisy with people, or too quiet with no background noise.

I would try camping again if I was canoeing in the spring or fall, and making camp on the river by some rapids. Otherwise, I'll take my nice bed and A/C in the summer.

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It was noted by my friend Rob that camping 15-20 years about was more about a family experience rather than the party hard to prove something event that it is now.  I agree with him, and in doing so had this great recollection about camping when I was younger…

The best trips I can remember are just me and my dad on the Mississauga river and being the only people out there.  I'd wake up early, catch a fish or two and dad would cook them for breakfast.  As far as I know camping is supposed to be about communing with nature, not an outdoor drinking contest.

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