Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Defeat at the Gym

Yesterday was the first day I simply was unable to complete a workout that Jodi had laid out for me.  As you my know from previous posts I am going to do a Mudrun that is 10km in length, the cardio training I’m doing now is specifically aimed at that.

This latest routine has me running uphill (at an increasingly steeper incline) for kilometers on end.  I managed to complete the first two sections (of four) before having to give in on the third section of ten minutes.  I simply could not run up that steep of an incline any longer.  I had to lower the incline and walk for a few minutes until my legs recovered.  After that I did do the final section of the four section exercise and then continued to run for another 5km.

Looking at it as a whole picture though my weekend was filled with cardio activity.  in the three days previous to running last night I had rode my bike 60km and run 8km and been to the gym twice.  So while I was not able to complete the workout I feel there was a few more factors than simply being unable.
I aim to do this same routine a week from now, the end of the day might not be the best time, but during the week that’s all I have.  However I will have next Monday off of working out unlike this past week. As such I intend to be able to complete the entire thing.

One thing that you learn from defeat that you do not learn from success is just how much you want to do better.  If I had just been able to breeze through this running workout with no issues what incentive would I have to work harder?  Now I have a goal to complete, I do not intend to be beaten twice.

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