Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Love Homemade Pizza

One of the best things my wife has bought lately is a pizza stone from a Pampered Chef party she went to a couple of months ago.  For a long time it sat in it’s box in the living room and the cats enjoyed this new box as a place to sit.  Finally I pulled the pizza dough out of the freezer and one weekend I ate pizza for pretty much every meal.

2011-07-30 17.59.39

‘But Chris!’ you say, ‘That does not sound very healthy or calorie smart!’
“Oh but it is!”, I say.  I pull apart the dough using about a quarter of the prepared dough each time and roll it out until it’s about paper thin. Like so:


That’s a half eaten piece there.  It makes for a decent sized pizza as you can see and including the toppings (sauce, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and some olives) that entire pizza is only about 900 calories.  So as a weight loss item if you are sharing the pizza it’s great, for me now I can eat the whole thing (as long as I have been responsible during the day, or done my usual weekend marathon of activities).

Compare this pizza to any that you can get take out and you’ll find a few things.  It’s ready faster than it takes a delivery pizza to arrive, there are less calories in it and it’s just as yummy as the best delivery pizza I have had, and believe me, I know all about delivered pizza – but that’s a whole different post.


  1. And, sadly, because he can eat so many calories now he seldom leaves pizza to share with me as he always makes it when I'm at work for the weekend and never for a week night. Sincerely, his loving wife who bought him that pizza stone so 'we' could have pizza.

  2. I arrived home last night to find that my very loving husband made me pizza for the first time. He was making it for himself, but he went the extra distance and actually put toppings I like on half the pizza for me. I ate two yummy pieces warm from the oven and then let him finish my other two off. Delicious.