Thursday, August 4, 2011

When I Have Kids

They will be great.  For a long time I have insisted that I'd like to have a boy.  This desire extended from all the whining about brushing hair that I was exposed to many years ago.

Now after my time in daycare I think that I'm fine with either, it will simply be Amber's job to manage the hair brushing duties.

Some things I am looking forward to are definitely the interesting and weird conversations, snuggles and reading books (I totally intend to buy stocks in Dr. Seuss!). I'm excited for the chance to take a little one on walks to explore the world and to have a child who doesn't even know what McDonald's is.

I'm not looking forward to poopy diapers and the guessing game of communication that seems to happen too often with babies.

I've discovered that one of the things that lets me enjoy children and my job so much is the communication that goes on. And what will make that even better will be teaching my kids silly things to say.

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  1. I used to teach my little sister cuss words when we were little. OMG I would get into so much trouble but it was just too cute when she would lisp a bad word! Now that I'm older...I still think it's funny!

    My sister swore she would teach my kids cuss words when I had them. But I don't guess that's what you mean by teaching your kids to say silly things. I'm so terrible, but really it was just too cute!