Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sign Is Nigh

Well I ran today again at the gym and have figured out how I’m about to enjoy running.  After the discussion I had with Jill at karate on Saturday about my OCD about keeping track of and beating times on runs it dawned on me today as I ran the trails in behind Fleming College that if I am actually going to enjoy running I simply have to do it in a way that time and distance have little or no meaning.

I had a bit of a wonky ankle today and was waffling on whether I was going to run or do my upper body workout today.  In the end I decided I would run as my ankle did not hurt that bad, and it would give me three full days before a much longer run on Saturday morning in my last long training run before the race.  So today I ran, with only the idea in mind that I would run for about forty minutes.  Much like a run on a treadmill or elliptical but much more entertaining due to the variety of terrain and the views in the forest.

The beauty of the whole thing is that during the run I was sure I was going along at a good clip due to my breathing, but I did not have a clear finish line or finish time in mind, the trails twist and turn and I ran certain loops a few times.  Its possible that I could run back there and never do the same run twice which is where my propensity to beat my last time and push super hard for times is eliminated.

So there it is, I enjoyed running today, I even chose it over a quite satisfying upper body workout and in the face of a sore ankle (and the risk of twisting it even more). 

Say your prayers, start stocking the freezer, the end must be near!

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