Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Preparations

So my race is only three sleeps away now.  I have been in training for this all summer, even though I didn’t even know I was going to be in this race, or running at all.  It is interesting to think that I began the summer as someone who was totally against running and have ended it as someone who runs for the fun of it now.

Last night I passed by Jodi at the gym (my trainer) she was on the way to teach a class and I was on the way to go run the trails behind the college one last time before the race.  I was told that I have to drink water like a fish this week to be ready for Saturday and of course have a pasta meal on Friday night and a good breakfast on the day of.  The food won’t be a problem, the water is something I won’t really enjoy.  I’d totally rather have a Coke Zero than a glass of water.  But you gotta do what you gotta do I suppose.

I also found out last night that I am more like my dad than I figured.  Turns out that when I was about six years old or so (which would put him right around my age now) , he ran.  We lived on a long street that ended in a loop, it was about a mile to go down and back he said.  He go out, no warm up at all and then run down the road and back, always trying to beat his best times and such.  Go figure.  We also had a long discussion about just racing in general and timing yourself and whatnot since my dad does all this stuff on his bike at the moment, doing time trials and a couple races.

So what prep is left to do.  Just try not to break anything between now and Saturday, eat right and drink water.  I’m not going to get any faster than I am right now I don’t think so all I can do is leave it all on the table on race day.

Of course the awesome shirt I am having made might help me on race day!  We will see.

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