Friday, September 2, 2011

Ready, Training For This Race Is Over

The hours of training are over.

The groundwork for a good run has been laid.

My first race of any sort is happening tomorrow and I’m as prepared as I am ever going to get.  All this made me think a lot about what training really is.  Training is hours and hours of hard work and sweat.  It’s pushing yourself far harder for a longer period of time than any single event will ever be.

I trained for over seven years for one day in particular at karate, I trained like a mad man to get in shape, and for this race in particular I have put in over a dozen hours of just running on top of my usual time at the gym.

Over twelve hours of concentrated specific training, to run a race where I figure that if everything goes right the whole thing will be over in less than an hour.

I’m excited for the race and thrilled that I’ll have a couple friends there with me, Jodi my trainer, who apparently thinks I might outrun her (but I doubt it) and Laurie from karate.  It will be great to do this type of event with people I know.  I’ll have my phone with me going to and from the race but obviously not during it.  Hopefully someone will be there to take pictures because that would be great.  Results and hopefully pictures will follow!

Oh my shirt has been made as well. It is awesome!

me armour bat 2


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing how it went and seeing the pics.

    Btw: did you use karate to get fit or were you fit when you started karate? I'd love to get into kung fu or something, but I'm wondering if I should wait until I'm a little further in my weight loss/fitness.

    Love the shirt. :)

  2. I was quite unfit when I started karate, and while there is a physical aspect to the karate, on it's own it is not enough to get you in shape. A good club will always make you feel welcome, but being in better shape makes doing martial arts of any kind easier.

    And thanks about the shirt!