Friday, September 9, 2011

Arms Like Chicken Wings

This is what my wife says to me last night as we laid in bed and she had her hand on my bicep.  “What?!”  I say, utterly befuddled by her statement. 

‘Your arms are like chicken wings.’ she repeats ‘ I can feel the muscle and the space between the tendons and stuff'.’

‘And the best comparison you can make, between my arm and some animal is a scrawny little chicken wing…  That I have chicken arms?’

At this point the backpedalling began, ‘I don’t mean that you have arms like a chicken!  How would you compare them?’ She asks.

‘Well I wouldn’t compare them to tiny little chicken arms I know that! I have arms like… a Machoke’


Yeah I compared myself to a Pok√©mon, but I couldn’t think of an animal with big arms.  Though I suppose any animal I chose would have had larger arms, or at least a better visual comparison than a chicken.

Honestly I wish the whole thing was on video because it was hilarious, just on the comparison alone it was hilarious, and then the conversation afterwards.

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