Monday, September 19, 2011

Matey Makin’ Mondee: Creatin' Change

O'er at th' matey makin' Mondee thin' this tides be t' post about how th' readers plan t' donate food durin' th' moon o' Septembree. Well 't jus' so happens that I already had a plan in place fer this moon, an' in fact, fer next as well.

This Fridee we be havin' a city wide scavenger hunt an' one o' th' things fer each team t' do 't t' collect ten items that they can donate t' th' local food bank. We only be havin' three or maybe four teams in th' hunt at th' moment so 't might nay be a whole pile o' food, but 't’s somethin'. This whole scavenger hunt thin' be me buxom beauty’s idee but if we had nay been doin' that thar would ben a food donation emanatin' from our house anyways.

Next moon Canadian Thanksgivin' takes place an' like last voyage I plan on havin' a bit o' a rock band party 'ere th' Screamin' Monkeys (me rock band squadron, which features whoereshows up by th' way) will perform in an effort t' gather non-perishable items fer th' food impaired. Which reminds me o' th' fact that I ortin' ta get on plannin' that event since 'tis less than a moon away.

Do ye plan t' donate some food items sometime this moon? Or maybe like me ye had a plan already in place that centers around some specific holiday. Feel free t' share that here in th' comments below, or o'er here at alltheweigh, or better yet do both an' link t' yer blog!
Arrrr Ya scallywag!


  1. Lol...awesome. I guess I missed out on all the pirate fun. Phbt.

  2. This is definitely my favorite post of the day. So excited to have a pirate on my blog today. Argh matey! ;)