Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kids Names

Last night…  No wait we have to go a bit further back than that I suppose.  Sometime in the spring Amber and I were trying to decide on the names of our future children and after she had shot down all my ridiculous suggestions, and a few sensible ones, of Mario and Luigi and Barbara and Peach and Link and Zelda we eventually arrived at two names, One for a boy and one for a girl.

I think this need to pick out names before we each really began our careers in earnest working with children was important, because I now after only nearly five months of working with kids have a pretty long list of names that I could not use for fear of bringing over some trait from that child that I could not stand.

Calvin was the name that we landed on for a boy.  I suggested this name purely because of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  Sure the little guy gets into a lot of mischief but he plays well on his own (with Hobbes) and is smart, just the kind of kid I can relate to.  Obviously it will be my plan to dress said boy in stripped shirts and had a stuffed tiger in his hands at all times.  After all what’s the point of naming a child after a character like that if your not going to go all the way with it?


If it so happens that we have a girl, and Idea that I am not as opposed to now as I was a couple of years ago we have agreed on Harley.  Now if you don’t know me all that well you are probably assuming that it has something to do with motorcycles, but you are wrong.  If you do know me, then it’s likely that you I’m a big comics fan and the name is for Harley Quinn.  Harley, if you don’t know, is sort of like the Joker’s girlfriend. But it’s also a fairly uncommon name at this point, so I thought it was a good suggestion and Amber agreed.


So, last night, (which is where I began this train of thought) we took a friends daughter out to dinner for her 7th birthday and she asked what if we have twins that are a girl and a boy.  I would have made my usual suggestions of Mario and Peach, or Link and Zelda, but I knew that those would be scoffed at anyways.  Instead I suggested that we keep the girls name as we had chosen, Harley, but name the boy Joseph Kerr Barnes.  Get it?  I’m sure you do because of the quality of readers I have but it took Amber a second or two to figure out that the first and middle name would easily become Joker within ten seconds of me putting it on the birth certificate.

It’s probably better if I don’t get to fill out the names on those certificates anyways because I would be completely likely to put down something silly just for fun on the spur of the moment, and I believe they usually like those types of documents to be legible.

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