Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Don’t Stink at Slo-Pitch

A few months ago I decided that I would like to try playing ball again after about 18 years away.  I discovered upon this return to the ball diamond that I was awful at fielding and flubbed a few plays, hurt my hand, pulled some muscles and generally had a terrible time of it.  I was a little bit fun because I could still hit the ball somewhat, but not that much.

I remembered then why I used to like playing 3-pitch when I was 13 or so.  It was the social aspect.  I liked riding my bike to the game and hanging out with friends before we played.  I liked seeing the girls that were there, some watching and some playing. We even rode out bikes around while we were waiting for our at bats so there was something to do even if there wasn’t girls nearby to talk to.

So when it rained the last few Sundays I was not that disappointed that there was no ball, because I wasn’t having nearly as much fun as I remembered anyways.  This past Sunday though the game was on, it’s the playoffs and my team needed me.  And I what do you know I was pretty darn good!  We played two games and in those two games I got on base 6/7 times (with two doubles) and made 4 or 5 plays, and no grievous errors.

I’m happy to say that I enjoyed playing, and I think most of that was because I wasn’t awful.  I still cannot wait for hockey to start though!


  1. Hi Chris! I grew up in a basketball family with 3 brothers who were stars on their teams. I stunk at basketball, and further didn't like it much.

    It was so fun when I found out that I didn't stink at weightlifting--back in 2007. Maybe we're much more athletic than we've given ourselves credit for all this years. :D

    :-) Marion

  2. Yay, sounds like fun. I'm not so sporty myself. Or maybe I am and just haven't really tried it enough. :) So are you a hockey *player* or do you fight a lot? I've heard that hocky's all about the fights!

  3. I'm a hockey player Mandy. I've only had one real altercation at hockey in all the years I have played, a bit of a shoving match after being hit from behind one night. The only other one I can think of is when I was a teenager I was playing goal and decided I should tackle Dave, but it was just fun, not a fight.

    I've got a few goals (pun intended) outlined in my head for hockey this year, and since it should be starting in just a couple of weeks keep your eyes peeled :)