Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fantastic Week

So this week running in the morning I set two best times, one for 5k and the other for a 10k run.  It was great.  This morning when I was running it was 0 degrees Celsius! For my American readers that is 32F, or the point at which water freezes!  My thumbs were frozen and my ears were ringing but it was a fantastic run.  I felt awesome the entire way and it really capped off a fantastic week.

This week was a great week at work, I applied what I learned in my PD workshop, I found out that every so thought mistake is not as huge as it might seem and I got to leave work early on Friday thanks to a low number of kids and the hours saved up from the workshop.  It was great and I love the people I work with, yeah I know some of you are reading.

I also got two emails about hockey. One from my new Friday group that I will be playing goalie for.  Game one will be September 30th and I am pumped especially since my mask is nearly ready as I write this.  Once I have it in my hands there will be pictures, Pete does amazing things with our paintball gear so I can’t wait to see what he does with my mask.  The other email came from my usual team captain and our Saturday night games start October 1st.  I’m very excited about hockey this year since I’ll be starting the year fit instead of working my way into it during the season.

I then had another fitness assessment done.  I figured that since it was assessment day for the players of the Montreal Canadiens it was a suitable day for me as well.  We didn’t get to do the obstacle course as planned since the gym was in use but we did the measurements and such.  When referencing this document (page 19 in your adobe reader) I’d be in comparative shape to a bunch of 18 year old NHL hopefuls!

After that I met up with Amber for a nice sushi lunch at Matsu and we strolled over to a seamstress in East City where I found out that my Halloween costume won’t be so hard to make after all and it should look just as awesome as I hope.

Today was a best time for running 10k (46:12) as I mentioned along with a great two hours at karate that involved an hour long session of randori.

Truly a fantastic week!

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