Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I arrive home from work today exhausted.  Partly because of a late bedtime last night, partly due to a stressful day.  As I sit here winding down it occurs to me that the absolute best part of being unemployed or having and early day off from when I was going to school was the opportunity to nap.

I suggest to the kids once in a while that we should all just go and take a nap in the afternoon, but they never bite of the offer as they are all to drunk on the fact that they no longer have to go down to the sleep room and be made to nap.  Like being up all day is some sort of amazing fantasy land.  If they only knew, if only you could save up nap times from when you are young to use later when you are older.

One little one napped for over two hours today and came outside afterward bleary eyed and without socks or shoes due to the tiredness.  I want that, I wanted today to be that kid and just pass out and wake up so completely disoriented that I wouldn’t even connect the dots between shoes and outside.

When I was unemployed I was a morning napper, I’d watch Chef at Home with Michael Smith (great show)  and a few other cooking shows and then right around the time The Price Is Right would come on I would wake up.  It wasn’t really planned, but staying up till 3am playing Rockband and then waking up at 8am leaves you wanting a little more sleep.

I do have the chance to nap on the weekend but I’m usually so busy trying to ‘do ALL the things!’ that I don’t nap, though usually I wish I had. Will I have a nap now? I don’t know.  Karate and the Matsu Sushi are both on the schedule for tonight so it does not seem very likely.  But an early bedtime tonight is a must!  Work and the gym and some professional development await me tomorrow, without a good amount of shut eye tonight, I would be miserable by the end of the day tomorrow!

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