Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Cats

I mentioned that I was going to toilet train the cats the other day.  I have three cats, Daisy, Cringer and CJ.


2011-08-09 19.45.54


CJ is technically Amber’s cat.  She brought him into the house when she moved in and it took quite a while for him to fit in with the other two but especially with Cringer.  He is also the biter.  When you are petting CJ you have to be sure to keep and eye on what is going on as he likes to nip at you to show he is having a good time.  I sometimes refer to him as Charles Johnson as I think give a get a two letter name is silly.  CJ likes to chase Daisy which sometimes works out nicely as a game and sometimes others step in to stop it.  He’s also the scientist of the group and anytime you have strips of paper he’ll steal them and put them in the water dish to watch them float and eventually sink (this also happens with pretty much every toy the cats have).


2011-02-27 19.49.46

Daisy came into the house just after Christmas of 2004 I believe.  She would have come right at Christmas but the shelter doesn’t let people adopt pets at that time of year because they don’t want them given as presents.  She is named after Princess Daisy because that was as close to a video game name as I was allowed at the time.  She is the terrified cat.  Daisy is afraid of everything at first, I would like to say was, but sadly and hilariously is really is the proper term.  She used to hide from everyone forever, if there was company at the house you would never see her, but now when it is common people she’ll come out to investigate.  She loves my friend Damion now.  It took quite a few years but Daisy can actually be the playful cat now.  She likes to make forts out of blankets and always plays in the laundry when I am folding it.

2011-02-20 22.02.19100_4754

She’s also my buddy every morning now.  Because of CJ she does not sleep in the bed anymore, but when I come out of the room in the morning she follows me around wanting attention.

I also call Daisy Smellypants fairly often, but I actually am not sure why, of the three cats she is for sure the neat and tidiest.  Daisy is very proper just by her attitude.

She’ll play with CJ to a point but when she gets bothered she’ll growl and hiss at him, when that happens Cringer will step in and tell CJ to back off.  Daisy does like to tackle Cringer and they play together quite nicely.


2011-08-09 19.45.41

This is Cringer in her new usual spot.  She has decided that the love seat is her seat and will typically sit right in the corners of the seat, or on the arm with her face buried into the back of the couch.  She is it oldest cat in the house as I got her as a gift way back in 2001.  She looks big but she’s mostly fuzz.  She is definitely ‘my’ cat.

Cringer sleeps quite a bit but does like to play especially with laser pointers and springs.  She’s the quietest of the three by voice but sometimes has a very heavy foot-fall for a cat as you can hear her thumping over to you when she chooses to not be mindful of her foot steps.

Cringer Loves yogurt of any sort and has gotten her head stuck in a yogurt cup on more than one occasion.  She’s the boss of the group and spent a while ensuring that CJ knew his place when he came into the house.  When Daisy and CJ get playing too rough and Daisy meows Cringer bolts over to where they are and lets CJ know that enough is enough and he should back off.

She sleep with me every night like a teddy, when it’s time for bed I call out ‘Cringer, bedtime’ once or twice and she’ll come and hop up right beside my pillow.  She’s also the only one of the three that will let you hold her for any amount of time and she like to have her chin and neck petted.

100_47602011-05-13 13.19.14

Of these three test subjects I think it will be Cringer that is toilet trained first because Daisy will be scared of it and while CJ like to experiment I think Cringer takes to new things a bit quicker than he does.

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