Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today I Interview

As most of you are aware I recently began a new career in child care after spending two years back at school to become an Early Childhood Educator.  Returning to school as a 29 year old was fun and exciting and allowed me to correct a few of the mistakes I made when I went to college the first time, and maybe even help a few people avoid those same errors.

I immediately got hired as a supply upon my graduation, and shortly thereafter landed a contract position at one of my favourite supply places. The centre, the yard, the area the children and the staff all made the place amazing and when the opportunity came up I jumped on it.  I didn’t even consult the final decision with my wife before I said yes in fact.

Today I interview to have that contract job become a permanent full time position.  I hope it goes well and I hope it’s the last interview I need to do for some time.  I’d like nothing better than to continue to do what I’m doing at work.  I honestly didn’t think it would be possible for me to like a job this much after spending so long working with a super friend in Damion, but I do.

I have tried to guide my own fate as much as possible this time around when it comes to jobs and where I would work and all that but, wish me luck anyways!


  1. Thanks Mandy, and others that commented on Facebbok. It went as I hoped, and expected. I got hired on permanently.