Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday morning I ran 5K, as I mentioned, and that distance put me at 300 Kilometres of running distance since January!  A while ago I posted over at the running room forums that I would like to run a total of 500K this year and to also do 700K on my bike.

I did that post at the end of April when I had only run 155.  So four months to run 155 and then two months to run the next 145, not too shabby.

When I started running I really did not like it very much.  It was hard, and it was always hot when I went and it just was not very enjoyable.  I think that all of last year I ran about 170 Kilometres and even by the end of that I was not a big fan, which is why when hockey started I was glad to drop it for a while.

Now, I kinda like it.  Pretty often I’ll ‘just go for a quick run’ and do a 5K near the house or out into Jackson park or something.  It shows really, I have run nearly two times the distance this year compared to last.  It’s great exercise and even though I bought expensive shoes (twice) for the activity I have each of those pairs of shoes down to less than 50 cents per kilometer.

On my bike I have also done 308 Kilometres, and that is just since the start of May.  I really enjoy riding my bike, especially since I go at an average of about 20-22 Km/h while riding.

These two activities have let me see some great things.  Loads of little critters are out on the trails in the morning.  I’ve seen turtles and their nests, chipmunks, bunnies, otters, porcupines and also just some amazing visuals.  I have traveled half of the total distance that I set as my goal.  I hope I see just and many interesting things and learn as much about myself on the second half.

orange corners trestle2

orange corners trestle3

orange corners trestle

Looking over the sides of the Orange Corners Trestle

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