Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Flip

So a couple of weeks ago at karate we were doing randori, which is self defense stuff.  Jill one of our amazing sempeis decided that instead of doing a regular ol’ breakfall after I did a bit of a throw on her.  I thought that was awesome and naturally had to A) see it again and B) do it myself.

I got it on video last Saturday but it was part of a 30 minutes 2.5 gigabyte file that I seem unable to edit, even to grab still pictures from it.  The picture I ended up posting as part of the Day In The Life of thing was actually a picture I took with my wife’s phone from the screen of my own phone!

Today though I just went seeking the video of the flip and got it.  I ended up doing the flip twice but the first landing was not so great.  The second landing was not pretty, but it stick and my butt did not touch the floor.

In my life I have now done about six flips, hopefully they get better  :)

A bit of an assisted flip


Eh?  In a Batman Shirt

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  1. I wish I had take karate when I was younger and didn't break so easily. I would be in the hospital after the first class now.