Sunday, June 3, 2012

Take A Night Off

Last night was my friend Matt’s Birth-Warming party (birthday and house warming together).  I knew I would be going and eating and generally having a great time.  As far as fitness and food are concerned I simply had to shut off my brain for a bit because being concerned about what I was eating was just going to ruin the amazing party.  So I took the night off.

The morning was a different story.  It was Saturday so I ran, now I am running 10K Saturdays mornings, so I did that.  I went to karate and did two hours of things there, mainly teaching, and then I went to the gym and did my push day.  Squats, bench press, overhead press, step ups and tricep extensions with burpees, push ups, box jumps and floor wipers mixed in, ending with abdominal work.  This is a typical Saturday morning, but today it was preparing me to be able to eat the way I knew I was going to.

With that much done in the morning I was satisfied that I could eat what I wanted, I also just know that whatever I do eat, my body will now take care of in two days or less since eating a lot is not a regular occurrence.

I went to the party with my friend Damion and after a few false starts Matt and I managed to get the barbeque fires roaring, thanks in no small part to me growing up with a woodstove heating our house as a kid.  The food was fantastic! Chicken, sausage, rib eyes steak, a variety of salads and some really good cookies.  I ate my fair share and it was amazing.  Food like that is great, but even better when you are surrounded by cool people.  Matt and Kate know some really interesting and entertaining folks.  And I even got a new facebook friend out of it! Yay!

It turns out that I am still pretty good at fighting games as I took most people to school on Soul Calibre IV and Marvel vs Capcom III even though I had never played either game before.  I would really love to have a Super Smash Bros Brawl party at my place but I don’t know if enough people would turn up for such and event.

I’m glad I was there and I hope to go visiting again soon.  It was also great to just take the night off from thinking about proper things to eat and just have whatever.  Once in a while you just have to let go and enjoy what is on the table and be confident that you have trained your body well enough that it will do what it needs to do with all that extra (and amazing) food!

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  1. I love my metabolism! I just did my Wii Fit measurement for the day. All that pre-party working out and my fired up furnace meant I only gained 0.1Kgs!