Monday, June 11, 2012

Friend Making Mondays: Bedroom Habits

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FMM: Bedroom Habits


1. Do you set an alarm clock? If so, for what time? Yes, through the week it is for 5:45! Boo

2. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night?  Generally I get about 7 hours of sleep.

3. Do you bring your laptop to bed? Nope, in fact that has never really even occurred to me.

4. How many pillows do you require to sleep? I use two, one for me head and one to hug.  I find if I don’t have the one to hug my chest huts, I’ve been doing that since I was 19 I think.

5. Do you sleep with socks on? Only when I’m really cold.

6. How often do you change the sheets?  Not nearly enough

7. Do you remember your dreams? Usually only for a couple hours after waking up.

8. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?  I sleep on the left side of the bed (if you are standing facing the bed at the foot of it).  Always have.  Amber thinks we should switch and sometimes attempts to take the spot over before I get to bed some nights.  We traded once and she ended up giving me almost no room between her and the wall.

9. How often do you take naps? When I was unemployed I took a nap almost every day!  And At work during sleep time I tend to have a few 5-10 second naps.  Given the option I would certainly nap, but not in bed.  Naps are for the couch.

10. Do you sleep soundly?  Yep, once I am out that is it. Thunderstorms, cats jumping around, Amber snoring none of it bothers me.  Unless those things are happening near the time I would usually be waking, if it is 4:30 or later and there is big noise, I wake up.


  1. Visiting from FMM. Glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't change her sheets often enough. (: Have a great day!

  2. Came by from FMM. I've also tried to talk my spouse into trading sides of the bed with me. I'd love the left! But I have a feeling it would end up as your attempts did -- which is why my husband resists I'm sure.

  3. When I am alone is when I need to have a pillow to hug. Otherwise, I am perfectly fine not having one.

    I cannot sleep when the caat get annoying - for some reason he needs to bother me. His favorite thing to do is get up next to my head & stare at me. I'll open my eyes & he's almost nose to nose with me. WTF??? Or he'll slowly lower himself like he's going to lay down, but them launch himself sideways into my face / head / shoulder. Power snuggles! Hard to sleep thru all that!

    Stopping in from FMM - hi!

  4. My sleep is really messed up. I don't generally get to sleep until around 4am. I am always tired and nap frequently during the day. I wish I could straighten out my sleep habits but it's easier said than done.