Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banana Bread

I bake all the time at daycare.  I think there is maybe eight or nine days out of twenty at work where I am in the kitchen making muffins or scones or rice pudding or whatever.

Today I finally put those skills to use here at home and created this:

2012-06-03 18.41.21

Banana Bread.  It is pretty wonderful.  It turned out very well and since its bread made with bananas its got to be good for you right? (in small portions of course).  Naturally you can make a good thing even better, by adding ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Yay dessert!

2012-06-03 20.22.41

Feel free to take that home and use it yourself, no charge.

Would I have eaten that a year ago?  Probably not, but I ran today and ate well for my meals, I ate it because I have to!

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