Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Hills And The Dash Route

I did some more hill training the last couple of days.  Running over and back and over and back and over and back on the hill that makes park hill.  It makes for a total of six climbs that while they are not very long they are pretty steep.

Another thing I did today was discover the topography of the Warrior Dash route.  I looked at the map of the route they had and transposed it roughly into map my run.  This is what came up.

warrior dash

Turns out you climb about 120m total with as you can see three pretty steep hills.  What I am running around here is only ending up to be about 40m or so.  I need some longer hills if I’m going to simulate this better.  Or at least more climbs.  I take satisfaction that where I am running around the city now at least the hills are steep.

(Also I changed the font of the text in this post..  it should be graphite light..  can you see this change? it’s not a standard Windows font)

Edit: Turns out I can’t change the font to that, it has to be one of the fonts that Blogger has loaded, so I have chosen schoolbell…  better or worse than before?

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