Monday, July 2, 2012

There I Have Done It!

Over 100 Kilometres in one weekend (I did have an extra day though..  well two since it was a long weekend and I took Friday off).

I started on Thursday evening by doing some hill training out in Jackson park, I followed that up on Friday morning by doing some more hills but this time going over and back on Park hill.  I used the side streets to snake my way over and back and back again.


run 2

It turns out that by running on the roads I ended up with just as much of a climb as i did in the park..  which is only about a quarter of what the Warrior Dash is.  In hopes of getting a bit more climbing in I shifted my route for Saturday mornings run over one street.

run 3

Parkhill is a nasty hill to be running over, but I think the Edinborough is an even steeper climb! By the end of these three runs I had just gone a bit over 17K.  My goal of 15 was met.

It turns out I didn’t end up riding my bike on Saturday just due to the plethora of things I had on my plate to do that day, like cleaning out the junk from under our deck in preparation of the sale of our house, and a quick 1 hour stop at the gym to do my pull day that I didn’t get to on Thursday..

So I rode on Sunday and ride I did.  Before Amber was even awake I took my bike out the Jackson Park Trail and went to the sign for the Orange Corners Trestle.

ride 1

It’s not that difficult of a ride, but it is about 25K.  I came home and had breakfast and did some cleaning up of the basement and then headed out to ride to Lakefield.

ride 2

The Lakefield ride is nice and a round trip is about 32K.  I always stop in at Hamblin’s and get ice cream.  I got Moose Tracks, so yummy!  I was quite satisfied to have gone about 58K in one day, but my butt sure did hurt.

This morning my butt still hurt, but I was not about to let that stand in the way of meeting my goals. I Hopped on my bike and headed out the Jackson Park Trail again.  This time I went just to where the trail goes under Highway 28.

ride 3

The ride is about 18.5K and I had now covered the goals of 15K run and 75K biked over the weekend!  What I realised when I added up those number that I has is that I was just 6K short of going 100!  So when I stopped in at the gym to do push day today, I left out squats and step ups due to all the biking, but I tacked on a 2K run up a 5% incline. Then I rode my bike over to karate.

ride 4

All together I went:


101.35 Total Kilometres!

Average bike speed 23.28 Km/h which is 2:35/Km pace

Average running speed 11.89 Km/h which is 5:03/km Pace (a bit slower than my flat running, but it was three consecutive days and lots of hills).

I would call that a successful weekend!

Oh, now it’s time for ice cream!

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