Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Back Hurts

The last few days, probably since about Thursday, my back has been killing me!  Usually in the morning and it definitely more of a muscle pain than a spine out of joint type pain.

It’s a bit frustrating to be in so much anonymous pain.  That is, I don’t know really why I am in pain and I can’t even see where that pain is coming from.  My guess would be moving things.  You don’t lift properly or carry weight conveniently while moving furniture.

Fight through it, is all that there is to do.  I still ran and did karate and biked on the weekend.  I spit in the face of pain.  Who’s in charge over here?  Me? Or a muscle twinge, that runs the length of the left side of my back?

Clearly I am.

Tomorrow I’ll be making my return to the gym before I head over to karate.  I was a bit dismayed to realise that with all this moving and packing and Warrior Dashing and being sick that it had been almost two weeks since I have been to the gym!

Far too long, sure I have run and biked in the meantime but weights are just as cruel of a beast as cardio is.  Sure I was lifting things during moving, but its not the same.

I’m hoping that a few workouts at the gym will cure my sore back, it is possible.  But at the very least a sore back is not going to stand in my way!


  1. MINE TOO~
    for me PLANKS are needed :-)
    I love to HATE PLANKS.

  2. Hi Chris! I'm way older than you, but I personally would just skip all exercise for a day if my back bothered me. No use aggravating something that doesn't feel right. Be gentle to yourself.

    :-) Marion

  3. Muscle pain can be very frustrating. This could happen when our muscle is over stretched. In order to cure this kind of pain we have to relax our muscle. Enough rest is one of the main factor to cure this pain.

  4. I admire your high spirit, Chris! Engaging to physical activities can definitely help you get back on track, and ease your back pain slowly and surely. Just a little tip, my friend – DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF. Heavy lifting and exhausting workouts can make the pain worse. Start doing light exercises first. Make it a daily routine, and when you’re feeling better, you can move on to more exciting activities. =) If these don’t work, I think you should go to a well-known chiropractic care. The treatment is very effective, and it will reduce your back pain immediately.

    Quentin Edberg