Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fox In Socks

So I ran yesterday morning here at the new house as I mentioned earlier, it turns out my route was 0.74k longer than 10k though I would have sworn that it was at least a 12k run while doing it.  Why?  Hills.

The hills out here are nothing compared to the hills from the Warrior Dash out in Horseshoe Valley, but running up an incline for a long distance will slow you down quite a bit, or at least make it seem that way.  I was really only 8 seconds per kilometre slower than I was on the route in town, but it sure seemed slow.

Part of it was the blisters forming on my toe on my left foot and the arch of my foot on the right.  Ouch! A while ago Amber bought me running socks and I scoffed at them.  The first time I ran 10k in my new Saucony shoes (the blue and green ones), I got blisters on my toes and I think it is because I wear just Wal-mart sports socks usually.  They are thick socks and they don’t allow for any room at all in those shoes, and apparently my trail running shoes either.

Just goes to show again that you need the right tools for the job!Fox in Socks

I feel more and more like I am becoming my dad, with specific gear for my running endeavours.  Under Armour shirts and expensive shoes and now certain socks.  At least the shoes only cost $170 and now the $4000 his bike costs.

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