Friday, July 27, 2012


Since Tuesday I have been moving.  We have been taking loads of things in the cars and then Amber’s mom and Lyle came and moved things in their trailer, and then my dad came with a moving truck on Wednesday and we finished moving things on Thursday!

What a pain moving is.  We have so much stuff I felt while we were moving it, but while it was in the house I didn’t think it was so bad really.  I am sure once move things are put away this house will seem a bit bare by comparison.  Having this house seem a bit bare is actually a really good thing I think though.

Amber seems to like to complain about how much display stuff I have, while I don’t think I have enough of it really.  But now I can have a lot of that stuff out and visible and things don’t seem so crowded.

I don’t know how we would have gotten this move done with family though really.  Being able to take a few loads of things in the trailer that Amber’s mom brought was so valuable in terms of time and the general need to pack things.  Also having my dad and Greg and Pete come to help load and unload the big moving truck was fantastic.  Of course Amber looked after so many of the details of moving that it seemed like all I had to do was show up and haul stuff out from the truck and the rest was done for me.

Finally yesterday Nexicom came and set us all up, I have Internet and phone and cable and it’s great, though we overlooked getting the food network in out new package, so I’ll get on that today no big deal there.

I would like to sleep until my alarm goes off soon though, I have been up at about 5 each of the last two mornings, totally not my favourite thing!

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