Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey, Adversity! Screw You!

This week running was more like a contest than something I really enjoyed.  My car has been on the fritz for the last while and I finally took it in to Russell’s to be fixed after two attempts by the garage in Bridgenorth.  To be fair they did do things that needed to be done at that garage, and did suggest that the spark plugs were the next step, but it was just too hard to get the car there early in the morning and work it out to get to work and back.

The whole back from work thing did however end up being a bit of a pain.  On Thursday it was about a flobbity-jillion degrees and I couldn’t get a ride even from Ennismore into Bridgenorth due to commitments people had at work, which was fine.  So I decided I would run to the new house and then use one of the bikes my dad has there to ride home from there.  It was a good plan.  I soaked my hat in the sink at daycare and then took off running.  It was unbearable.  There was no shade the entire way and the last leg of the run is up and over the causeway.  I was dying by the time I got to the house!  I went directly to the back yard and soaked myself with the hose before the heat took me!

Amber had called just before I left the day care and offered me a ride home from there.  I thought about turning it down but I am glad I didn’t as I was in no condition to ride home after that run!

This morning I went to go for a run and discovered that it was raining as I stepped out the door.  Typically that would have been the end of that, but the Warrior Dash is in a mere two weeks and I’m going to be ready for it.  I changed into my older runners and set out into the rain, up and down the hills again.  I was soaked before I hit the end of the road but pressed on to be about 12 seconds faster than last week.  Not bad considering that I was at the gym with Amber at the end of the day yesterday.

After being reminded of just how unbearable it is to run in the heat earlier in the week and then running in the rain today, I really hope it is raining on Warrior Dash day (but of course sunny back here for Ashley’s wedding). 

Don’t let adversity stand in your way!

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