Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Think I Upset Adversity…

Yeah, I played hockey last night, and part was through the game I was skating hard to the end of the rink to try to block a shoot around by the goalie.  I sort of forgot to slow down at all, and slammed into the boards.  I knew what I was doing, like, I meant to do what I did.  I just forgot how fast I was actually going I guess.

Now my back hurts.

A bunch.

A visual Idea, if I stand straight, hands at my side I can lean to the right and get my finger tips to touch my knee with little trouble.  But when I lean the other way they only get to be touching about 1/2 down my thigh before I can feel it.

Luckily I already have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, hopefully she can straighten me out.

In the mean time, no gym today sadly, but paintball! maybe that movement will loosen me up a bit.

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