Friday, July 27, 2012

Warrior Dash Pictures

The event photos were finally posted the other day and I bought some.  I wasn’t really sure I wanted to buy race photos and I think if it was just a plain old road race I would not have.  But since these are pretty cool action shots I felt that I had to by them.  The question was then ‘how many?’  they are, of course, a fortune and so I was just going to buy two.

Buying two photos would have cost me $30, buying five in a package cost me $35.  So I bought five digital copies that I can go and print for myself. 

They are pretty great pictures!  And here they are:

Warrior DashWarrior DashWarrior DashWarrior DashWarrior Dash

I love the second picture while I am in mid jump and the last picture especially, those two I’ll be getting printed.

More pictures and race day details here!

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