Monday, July 23, 2012

Paintball Recap

Sunday was, as it typically is during the summer paintball day.  We meet over at Pete’s house and then head over to a field across the street that SGS so kindly modifies for us every few months as they move and store equipment there and dump dirt and debris. We also have run of just an empty field that has tall grass and hills and such. It is always great fun and I end up coming home with welts polka-dotting my body.

Worst Play Of The Day

Playing a game where we had to take ‘hamburger hill’ at the back of one field.  I snuck up close but since things were taking a bit longer than I liked I decided I’d dash across an open area and circle around to the back of the hill.  It was a solid plan except that about four strides into my run I misjudged my footing and face planted, dropping my gun to save my melon from hitting the ground.  As I reached back to pick up my gun I got shot the required three times in the arm and leg to be ruled dead.

Highlight Of The Night

Playing a game of defend the fort on the much more barren SGS field I had come down out of the fort and was hiding behind some debris of concrete slabs.  I has two people firing on my from the bushes that line a bit of a roadway SGS uses to get their stuff in and out of the field.  It took about two minutes, though it seemed like ages, but I ended up scoring a headshot (a one hit kill by our rules) on each of my assailants winning the match for my team as I was the last man standing.

Truly there are very few better ways to spend a Sunday morning!  I just wish we had video of the whole thing!

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