Friday, July 20, 2012

This Is It

After two days of feeling decidedly ill my body has begun to return to normal functioning.  I’m assuming that mainly because there is still Pepto Bismal in my system, so my hope are that I’m a fully functioning human being by this evening or tomorrow at noon at the latest.

In a way it might have been good to be knocked out of commission the last couple of days as it forced me to rest my body.  No desire to run outside even in the great weather!

Tonight is also of course the opening day of The Dark Knight Rises and I have been looking forward to this flick ever since I knew it existed almost two years ago now I guess.  I’m excited to see what is going to happen to wrap up the trilogy.  For the sounds of it, it is going to be pretty amazing.  I’ll give you my impressions once I have viewed it.

This weekend, should all go according to plan will be awesome. Stay Tuned!

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