Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Run At The Old House, First Run At The New

Wednesday was moving day and while I have posted a couple of things since then they were both pretty short.  There are a few reasons for this. I didn’t have Internet for a day here at home, and the place was a complete disaster!  Thankfully now it is much more aster than disaster and I’m feeling a sense of normalcy returning to my life here at the new house.

I woke up on Wednesday really early and decided that it would be a good use of my time to go for one last run at the old house.  I had thought the same thing on Sunday evening, the day after the Dash, but my time was abysmal (23:50).  I knew the first person to get to the house on Wednesday would be my dad with the moving truck and if anyone was going to understand me out running on moving day it would be him.

So I pulled on my running gear, that i could find as so much was packed away, and headed out on the usual 5k route.  My goal was to beat the time from Sunday, but also to just go out on a high note.  Success! 21:54 was my time and it is the fastest I have ever run my usual 5k course!  A fact I did not even realize until just now looking at the data to type this here post.  My only faster 5k times around the block are the ones where I ran the super flat course to get down under twenty minutes.

It is Saturday, and with less than four weeks to go until the Mudnewton I need to get back into running 10k.  For the last month I have mainly been running between five and six kilometers with loads of hills.  That hill training will serve me well but I need distance now too. 

This morning will be my first run at the new house and I have struggled to find routes that will be easy to remember while I am out running than end up at even numbers for distance.  There are no easy loops to make.  The easiest 10k route I could figure out was just going up the bike path that leads to Peterborough and then turn around and come back, not my favourite type of run to do.

I expect that my time for this 10k will be a few minutes higher than my old route.  The one I ran in town was fairly flatish with long smooth declines and inclines as I ran down to the river, along the river and then back to the house.  This route today has a couple of hills in it and no sidewalks at all to help me set my pace.  Just have to see how it goes I guess.

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