Monday, July 30, 2012

Friend Making Mondays: Goals and More

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Goals and More

1. Brag about some of your daily, healthy habits.

I put in the effort to eat properly each day and avoid foods that I know are bad for me.

2. Do you track your daily food intake? If so, how?

I do, I used to track calories very closely, now it is more of a general number.  I know I can eat about 2500-2800 and since I have been doing this for so long I just know how much certain staple foods contain.

3. What do you want to change most about your daily routine?

Nothing really.  A few years ago I had loads of things to change, what I ate, if I exercised and so on, I’ve made those changes for the better already.

4. How often do you exercise? 

Many times a week.   I’m usually at the gym twice a week to do weights and then running and biking two to three times each per week, and karate.

5. How do you stay on track when you’re on the go?

I still count calories when we go places or even just out to dinner.  I also put in time at the hotel gym or out running if we are visiting people.  While on our last cruise I was in the gym almost every morning.

6. What’s one excuse you use that prevents you from reaching your goals? 

I don’t.  Sometimes I don’t make it to the gym, like with moving just now it makes things a bit hectic, but I don’t make excuses, I make alternate plans.  Can’t get to the gym? Go for a run.

7. What scares your most about your journey?

When I set out to get in shape I was too focused on results to worry about being scared.

8. What do you think will change most when you reach your goal? (If you have reached it, what’s different?) 

My entire lifestyle.  If you spend enough days being active and eating right it no longer is a conscious choice you make, it becomes just something that you do.

9. What motivates you to reach your goals? 

The desire to always improve.  Once I started getting in shape I just wanted to get better each day.

10. Share a few of your goals. 

I spent this year so far reaching for a lot of running goals, but there are a few others too:

Complete 5K in under 20 minutes.  Done

Do the Warrior Dash in 30 minutes. Close enough!

Run 500k

Bike 700k

Get back to benching my body weight

Beat last years time at the Mudnewton


  1. Totally inspiring answers today. Way to crush it.

  2. I'm with you on a lot of yours. I don't want to really change my routine, it's been solid for a long time, and I like what it's done -- but love your list of goals. That sub-20 5k keeps eluding me!!

  3. Wow...
    I was a bit dumbstruck after finding your blog through Kenlie's FMM... amazing!

    Your answer to number 7 got me thinking...
    "7. What scares your most about your journey?
    -When I set out to get in shape I was too focused on results to worry about being scared."

    Do you thnk gender and/or age affects how we answer this question? I was wondering because this is the only answer to this question that focused on the positive end results rather than could or might go wrong.

    1. Well, I think personality has a lot to do with it. As for age, I was 30 when I decided to get it in ger with a bit of prodding and hints in the beginning. ( ). Some people have asked me about fears of getting in shape and stuff and I think it more the change that they fear or a fear of failure. People like to make back up plans and rationalizations for how things go if they don't go the way they like.

      Success comes not from fear, but from mastering what holds you back. No one loses weight because they fear being big. It is from seeing the results and gaining the positive momentum to bring yourself forward.

      I think that while age/gender might affect how one answers that question, it should not effect the course you take on your actual journey. If I can get in shape (and so many other folks too), so can you (or anyone else). Let go of things that might scare you, focus on incremental goals that are achievable, put in the work and effort, and just watch the success roll in!

  4. Hi Chris,
    It's my first time stumbling onto your blog from another one in blogger land and I must say that I'm glad I did. I've been spinning my wheels for so long, I started to think that it was impossible to reach my goals. But then you did, so maybe I can too? Let's find out...

    1. Hi Holly,
      Glad to have you here! If I can do it, anyone can! :)

  5. Here from FMM. I totally want to try karate.