Sunday, June 3, 2012

So, I Saw This While Working Out…

At the gym yesterday I was just finishing my squats when a guy came and asked if I was about done.  I told him yep, and after my last set I moved on to the bench press. What I then got to see was he loaded the, um, sit-down leg press machine thing with Every Weight in sight!  At the very least he had about 540 lbs. on the thing and then he had 180 on the squat bar.  It was incredible!  Even in my dreams I can’t imagine lifting that much weight over and over and over again!  He alternated between those two exercises for at least ten minutes, with none of that posturing that you see the college age guys doing between each and every rep they do.  I’m not really aiming to be able to move that much weight, but even if I wanted to I’d have to work at it for ages! Incredible.

Last Sunday I was riding my mountain bike along the bike path between here and Lakefield. It’s almost flat, it follows along a river more or less and fairly straight as well, as one might expect a old train track bed to be.  Two road cycling guys were going on the road that peeks in and out of view from the bike path.  These guys had their road cycling gear on and all that, were able to work together and draft and such.  Over the time that I was able to see them they had to travel about an extra 700 metres.  Turns out that I was able to over take them!  On a mountain bike, on a gravelly path!  I was pretty impressed with myself.

That’s all that comes to mind from the last couple of days, have you seen something impressive while working out?

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  1. Hi Chris! Oh yeah. Some gym buddies are really amazing. I have a 56 year old friend who can do about 15 pullups in a row. That just kills me.

    It took me a couple of years to work up to my 160 pound bench press. But good things come to those who are extremely patient with incremental progress. You just haven't focused on weightlifting like you do with other sports.

    :-) Marion