Friday, June 29, 2012

Loooooooong Weekend!

So I took today off work giving myself and extra long 4-day weekend, because I get Monday off since this is the Canada day weekend.  I have had to go to the dentist so far today, and we meet with our lawyer to be sure about the contract on the house purchases and sales and all that.  But for the most part this weekend is going to be spent on the move!

Last night I did some more running on the hill in Jackson park, and this morning I went over and back on park hill a few times (not on Parkhill road, but on London, Dublin and Edinburgh).  I intend to do this hill training again Saturday morning along with Karate and a trip to the gym and probably a bike ride in the afternoon.

Sunday should be another bike ride, and maybe paintball, and then to the gym and karate and a bike ride again.

All in all I hope to ride about 75Km and run about 15Km just this weekend (from Thursday evening to Monday night)!  I remember a time when all I would do is sit inside and complain about how hot it is!

At least now I go do things and then complain about how hot it is!

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