Thursday, June 21, 2012

It’s Hot Enough To Boil A Monkey’s Bum

My god it has been hot this week!  Yesterday it was 36 degrees and 44 when the humidity is included.  For my American readers that comes out to about 96 or 111 when the humidity is factored in.

The only other time I have been in heat like this I was in Glenside, PA.  I was dizzy and felt awful and I had to go and stick my head in cold shower for a few minutes just to not puke or pass out or whatever I was about to do. 

I hate the heat.  Since I have gotten in shape I handle it a bit better than I used to but not by much.  It also boggles my mind that people can enjoy weather like this.  Its too hot to do anything other than go from one air conditioned place to another air conditioned place.

24 or 25 degrees is enjoyable, you can be outside and do things.  If you get too hot you can just find some shade and relax, I like that part of summer.  I like riding my bike and running and stuff, but it has been so hot the last few days that doing those things is an impossibility.

I am just waiting for October now.  I would much rather be wearing a sweater and playing hockey than sweltering in the heat.


  1. We had 93 degree F weather. I just stayed inside! But seriously, don't all of your grilling parties and picnics end up on days that are over 90 degrees F?

    :-) Marion

  2. I live in the southeastern USA and it has been extremely hot here too. I've been going out at the break of dawn to get my outside chores done.