Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hill Training

The Warrior Dash is mere weeks away now. Am I ready for it? Yes! But I am striving to be even more ready! To that end I have been at the gym and running here and there.

I started a new strength building routine at the gym a few weeks ago, the whole push pull thing I mentioned earlier I think, though I can’t find a post dedicated to it. I’m back to bench pressing nearly my body weight again, I do squats with lots of weight and box step ups while holding over 1/3 of my weight in my hands. This type of thing should have me doing well on obstacles where i need to get myself up and over things.

I run, we all know that, I run pretty bloody fast for your average guy as well, averaging out to around 13 or 14 kilometres per hour. I also bike for ages now easily pushing myself to nearly 50Km at about 27 Km/h. Regular endurance is covered.

But the course for the Warrior Dash is on a ski resort. Hills will be plenty and long. Today I took a first step toward defeating this little challenge. Over in Jackson Park by my house there is a mountain biking/walking trail that is anything but flat. I took it upon myself to Do Something Difficult and do laps around a nice steep hill that lives right on a loop on the trail. I ran that loop 8 times, as well as getting there and back home. 5.95K of constant up and down hill.

It was nice because it was in the shade, but it was a bit killer due to the terrain. I hope to find increasingly bigger hills to use this tactic on up until the week before the Dash. I will finish this race in under 30 minutes, and I will place in the top 5 for my age group (at the very least based on last years times).


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