Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally, An injury That Sounds Impressive

So I neglected to mention during my whole Mudnewton story (mainly because I wanted to plaster the link anywhere Mudnewton related to bring in readers) that during that final muddy pit adventure I might have hurt myself a tiny bit.

You see when I leaped over that rope and onto the slide into the muddy water I might have hurt my leg a bit.  Sometime during that quick series of events, I can’t remember when exactly, I ‘heard’ that sort of sickening squishy crunchy sound your body makes from within when you do something that your bones/tendons/ligaments don’t really agree with.

It didn’t really affect the finishing of the race, I kept going and finished the race without an issue and I can walk around just fine now.  I went to the chiropractor today for my usual visit and had her check out my slightly swollen shin area.  She felt it all up and pressed here and there gauging my pain levels and watching me make painful faces.  She then stated that I most likely had a stress fracture.

Apparently I’m not supposed to run for at least about a week she told me.  I’m not so sure how well I will do with that, I don’t like to sit still much you know.  I think it’s pretty cool to have something like a fracture, I know that straining my ankle and dislocating my shoulder were far more unpleasant.  This hurts a bit, but nothing too serious but when you say like ‘Oh yeah I ran this race on Saturday and fractured my leg!’ that sounds awesome!  Especially given that I’m just up and walking around like its no big deal.


  1. ok YOU have the best attitude.
    here's to some swift healing!!

  2. I love your description of the 'crunchy' sound - shudder! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling OK and hope you get back up and running asap.