Saturday, August 4, 2012

Long Weekend Days 1 and 2

So, the Long Weekend fitness extravaganza is well on it’s well.  I am including Friday into this simply because I rode my bike to work and home on Friday and usually I consider my weekend to began the second I get off work.

So riding to work was 6k and riding home I took a bit of a tour and rode 18k seeing the sights down along the lake on the Ennismore side, and then doing the same down off the main Bridgenorth road. 


This was done with a bit of purpose in mind since I knew we (being some Shamrockers and Amber and myself) were going out for dinner before heading over to Carley’s wedding.  It was a very nice event.  And I was happy to spend the evening there I even danced a bit with Nicole and Amber and then as part of that group dancing type of in a circle thing that happens.

This morning I ran 10.74k, it would be just 10k but there is no easily marked turn around point to make that possible.  I figure it serves me well for getting ready for the Mudnewton in a few weeks.


Then it was off to karate where I taught and hour of class and then we did randori for and hour.  So much fun!

A couple of big throws!

After that it was off to push day at the gym.  Squats, bench and shoulder press, box step ups, tricep extentions with pushups and burpees and box jumps and floor wipers all mixed in 3 sets of each pair of exercises plus 180 crunchies of various formats!  It was and hour and fifteen minutes well spent!

I came home and putzed around for a bit then it was off on my bike heading over to Lakefield, down to Peterborough and then back home. 24.51k that is WAY hillier that my old routes along the bike trails in Peterborough but I was still going at a good clip despite the hills, the heat and the wind. 


The reward was ice cream.  When you spend the morning, and part of the afternoon burning about 2000 calories or so, I think a treat is deserved.

2012-08-04 16.22.41

Tomorrow brings more biking, and maybe more ice cream.  Depends how hot it is when I go.

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  1. Wow you are working hard. It is so hot here I barely got in a walk with the dogs! Nice work so far! And I'm sure there is more to come.