Saturday, August 18, 2012

World Record

No, I was not in the Olympics, but a thought occurred to me whilst running this morning, and getting my best time on this current route. I’m fairly certain, especially since I start from my own house, that I’m the only one that runs my Saturday morning 10.74km route.  On this track I hold ALL the records, the mid range, the slowest and the World Record!

Like pools and tracks and stuff are all specifically designed to be the same all over the place so that athletes can compare like times against each other in an apples to apples kind of way.  I do similar things with all my running times, comparing certain routes to certain routes, I think it helps keep things in perspective.  For instance, when I was running around the old house on the usual 5k route I was getting an average speed 13.39km/h of and a pace of 4:30/km around here at the new place I get 13.11km/h and 4:35/km.  Am I actually not able to run as fast as I was before?  No, the terrain is different, long uphill slopes slow down my speed, and it doesn't help that all my runs for 5k here have been after work.

When I wanted to get my best 5k time, I ran as flat of a course as I could.  I knew that would be the truest measure of my own abilities as a runner.  In my neighbourhood that 19:48 time was a World Record as well, I never saw anyone else even out there running to challenge it!

How many, incredibly specific, World Records do you hold?

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