Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Difference Between 'Knowing' and 'Doing'

I left this as a comment on another blog, and thought 'Hey, that's not bad' I should use it here... So here it is.

Knowing you have to make change to reach a goal and actually implementing it are so very different. I know the feeling, not from solely weight loss but from the time I sat and waited as a brown belt at Karate. I got my brown belt back in 2007, I was about 220 at the time and I constantly had people telling me I was a good teacher and good at the techniques and the self defence and pretty much everything to do with the whole karate thing.

And so I waited for my black belt grading to come just as the other gradings had. I waited and waited, grading came and went, but I was never promoted. I had bought into my own hype, people had been telling me I was going to be there and so I just stayed the course. We had a day with a bit of a workout, only really like 10 minutes of work, I thought I was going to die.

On that one day the idea that I needed change became a purpose. Like someone slapped me across the face and said 'Look, this is what you need to do!' I wish I knew how to replicate that singular moment of realization. As I splayed out on the floor gasping for air, unbeknownst to me, it was probably the greatest realization I will ever have in all my life. If I could give that moment to everyone I know, especially those that are embarking on, or renewing a weight loss journey, I would in a heart beat because it changed my thinking from "Yeah I should get in shape." to "I'm done with being unable to preform at a level I desire and I am going to make this happen, nothing will stand in my way!"


  1. I love hearing your motivational moment. I think that helps. It's very true that it would be even more helpful if I could replicate that moment in my own life or find a deeper purpose for my health goals. Hmm makes me wonder if there are things here that I just need to label correctly...

  2. Hi Chris! Yeah, there seems to have to be kind of a eureka realization to get to the next level. I've had some of those, which have made all the difference! I also realize that I'll probably have to have even more of them for different aspects of my life. I seek this understanding out because it is so much easier to do well in life with a proper mindset.<<I actually wrote about this in my recent post.

    And many fitness blogs don't talk about mindset nearly enough. I personally would like to read more of these types of posts. Sometimes, I think I should emphasize mindset much more, but my readers seem to like to read about my gym experiences more.

    :-) Marion