Sunday, August 5, 2012


I like food, a lot.  I cook pretty well I feel and I think that the kids and staff at daycare would agree along with Amber.  It is of course something that must be tempered with moderation or exercise so that too much food does not lead to issues.

Here are some of my meals over the past while.  Some are just quick and easy, some are a bit more elaborate.


This one is chicken pot pie that we make at daycare for one of our lunches.  During the summer here I have gotten to make this twice.  It’s all from raw ingredients.  Roasted a whole chicken, carrots, potatoes, some peas and corn and then just some added water and flour for gravy, the topping it just flour, butter and milk (I added some spices to this biscuit top to make the crust a bit more savoury).  All the things together made five pans of pot pie.  I’m not sure how many calories are in this, but considering the ingredients, per serving I would only guess around 500 or so.


2012-08-05 18.00.47

This is actually tonight's dinner, rice and chicken and some veggies and sweet chilli Thai sauce.  It is a big bowl, it is tasty and the whole things is only about 600 calories

2012-07-28 19.25.43

Last week it was almost the same dinner, but with all fresh veggies and honey garlic sauce instead! Very yummy.  Super easy to make for each of these.

2012-07-29 19.06.13

I made this last Sunday.  Jerk chicken and corn on the cob.  I had bought some jerk spice from the bulk barn a while ago, and finally made this dish right.  I coated the chicken thighs in the spice and let them sit for about three hours, then it was off to the barbeque!  So Good!  The corn is just simple corn on the cob but Amber’s mom told us a trick to make the ears easy to peel and it takes almost all the silk at once too!  leave the corn in the husk, but cut off the closed end, microwave two ears for six minutes, then just give it a bit of a squeeze and pop the corn out of the husk! Done.  This dinner was three chicken thighs and two cobs of corn, likely about 450-500 calories.

Good food is really easy to make, and if you have fresh ingredients it usually pretty quick to make too.  It’s cheaper and faster and usually tastier than going out for dinner!

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