Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Weekend Fitness Extravaganza! Day 3 And 4–Finished

So back on Friday I set out on this whole fitness thing this weekend proclaiming that I would ride my bike at least 100k and run at least 20k. Day 1 and 2 details can be found here.  I am glad to say that this mission has been accomplished!

Yesterday was kind of crappy weather wise and yet I still set out early in the morning, at 8:00am, to put in the kilometres for the day. I ended up doing this route:

sunday map 1

From home, over past work and then over to near Fowler’s Corners and back down over the causeway.  I learned on this ride that the map tool over at is a liar! See the litter 17 and 18 there?  Well the map has it as a road, it is an unassumed road.  That means, in this instance, that one should have a monster truck to get through it.  For over a kilometre I was up and down off my bike, walking it around huge mud puddles and trying not to fall off as I bumped over huge rocks.

When I got home I noticed that Amber was not up yet and so I decided I would go for a short run just to pad my numbers a bit and ran this route:

sunday map 2

It is just 2.18k, but I did it immediately after the ride above and I though my legs were going to give out at first.  I could have run a bit longer, but I wanted to go to brunch and Chemong Lodge so I had to get back and showered and stuff.

Brunch was so good, but I did have a bit much I felt and so mid way through the day I decided that I would head out riding again.

sunday map 3

Just a quick half hour ride, but it made me feel like I had worked off the two plate brunch I had.  Mid way through this ride it started to rain pretty good and I got soaked, but it cleaned a lot of the trail dust off my bike, so that was not too bad.  Day three of the Long Weekend Fitness Extravaganza! had gone well, and I went further than I had really anticipated.

Today the plan was another run on the new 10k(ish) route and a bike ride.  The weather this morning was great! It was nice and cool and the sun was just coming up over the trees as I ran.


It is a much hiller run than my old 10k route (and 0.74k longer than the other!) But I managed my best time on this route yet.  Made possible by pushing along the trail on the way back and nearly sprinting down the last little decline back to the house.  I beat my previous best on this route by 10 seconds!  Pretty good considering that this is my fourth day in a row of gruelling exercise!

I went to breakfast with Amber and then did some things around the house, at about noon I had a peanut butter and strawberry-rhubarb jam sammich (homemade jam of course) so good, then set out on the final ride.

monday map 2

This route is almost the same as the one from Saturday, except I rode it the other way around, and avoided the main road from Bridgenorth to Peterborough.  This ride was pretty uneventful, but the weather was beautiful and there was not too much wind.

when I got back I rode over to the ice cream place in town again and got this:

2012-08-06 13.14.29

Dipped cone!  Not as exciting as the peanut, hot fudge sundae from Saturday, but I didn’t do as much today, and eating that whole thing Saturday made me feel a little off.

So, here are the final numbers.


Biking: 105.58k  Time: 4:45:19  Average Speed 22.2  Pace 2:42

Running:  23.64k  Time: 1:58:58  Average Speed: 11.92  Pace: 5:02

Total:  129.22k

To go along with this I was at the gym for push day and at Karate for two hours on Saturday.

I’d say this Long Weekend Fitness Extravaganza! was a success!


  1. That is a crazy amount of exercise, Chris! I'm with your wife: sleep in! I was actually surprised to read that you went for a run after a long bike ride when you thought your legs were going to give out. I'm pretty sure most people would have stayed at home in the first place or turned around to head home after the shaky start. I think that kind of stamina is a sign that you've been working long and hard enough that you're on another level. I have vague memories of being there... Maybe someday I'll find myself back there and we can swap stories?

  2. I slept in on Sunday, I didn't get out of bed till after 7! I wake up at 5:45 for work, so and extra hour and a bit was nice.

    I think you are right that most people would stop or would have just decided to do nothing, but I'm not most people :)

    I'm very confident that you can reach the level you want to be at, just takes effort and time! I'd love to be able to swap stories about it!

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