Sunday, August 12, 2012

I’ll Rest When I’m Dead, Or The Weather Looks Iffy…

Whichever comes first.

Today I slept in.  Like even for normal people.  I normally get up at the ungodly hour of 5:45am  (A.M.!) to to go work and so my usual ‘sleep in’ is about 7 or so, usually 6 something.   Today I got up at around 8!  It was nice for a change.  It was raining outside and so I thought to myself, well actually I said to myself ‘I guess I’m not biking this morning’.  I tend to talk to myself when Amber is still asleep or I am home alone.

So I didn’t bike this morning, I sat around and looked at this:

Mckayla is NOT impressed

Not hilarious, but pretty good.  Then it was pancake breakfast Sunday so that was good.  Finally around noon the rain let up a bit and I went for a little 5k run, nothing to serious but I felt like I should do something.  Since then it has rained a few little bits and I’ve sat around a whole lot.

It is not often that I sit around and not workout but I feel like I’ve earned a day off.

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  1. I often talk to myself when Amber is still sleeping or I'm home alone too. Most of the time though, I talk to Tucker. For example:

    "Hi Tucker! How was your day being a dog?!" and then proceed to blab on about my day. Most of the time he'll realise I don't have any food and wander away, but I know it's because he knows someone asked him how his DogDay was. (they're a lot longer than people days you know.)