Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good News And Sad News

Finally today I was back at the gym.  Turns out I forgot to bring my book with my workout programs in it and my headphones since somehow in the move my gym backpack went missing.  It was great to be back there and working.

It’s funny how you can miss something that at one time is considered a huge chore and undertaking.  I know my wife, Amber, is trying to Learn to Love the Gym, it really is something that takes time.  She’ll get there, I’m confident.

Then it was over to karate, also awesome, I’ve missed far too many classes in the last two weeks to keep me happy.  A lot of my friends are there and so not only do I miss the fun of karate but I miss the fun of being with friends too!

That’s the good news.

The sad news requires a bit of a back story.


2011-12-08 21.56.17

Is Cringer.  You might have been aware of this earlier if you have been a reader for a while.  She has been my cat for about ten years.  For the last two she’s been pooping other places than her litter box.

We’ve taken her to the vet, we’ve tried two litter boxes, different food, different litter, probiotics to go in her food, blocking off places in the house (both old and new), so many things!

2012-01-28 00.00.22So the good part of the sad news is that one of the girls I work with has a farm, that has cats that they feed and look after.  Cringer still has her claws and would be with a family that takes care of their animals.  To go along with that it means I’m having to send her away.  It makes me sad.  But she can’t be pooping all over the carpet of the new house.  When Amber gets pregnant we can’t have cat poop randomly around the house some mornings.

When Daisy had kidney failure it was a sad decision to put her down, but it ended her suffering and it was a black and white type of decision.  This has so much grey area to me.  Will Cringer be ok on a farm? The best I can even say is that ‘I hope so’.  Sure it’s better for us, no cat poop except in the litter box.

I hope she does fine there, and is happy.  I know she will be looked after and loved. I will miss snuggling her at night though. :(

2012-06-10 00.24.36


  1. Aw so sorry that you have to say goodbye to your cat but I understand the decision. I am sure she will LOVE the farm and will have a long and wonderful life there.

    Congrats on getting back into the gym. I am also seeking fitness love but it's a process! Glad to hear there is a place where you love it...

  2. I hope she'll be happy on the farm. She'll have new friends to play with and things to chase around :)

  3. My mother has a farm with cats. They have a super great time prowling around for little varmints and laying on petunias. That is a great place for your beloved cat.

    :-) Marion